Everyone who has ever fought a troll in D&D should pause a moment in memory.

Subject: [MASSFILC] Poul Anderson – November 25, 1926:August 1, 2001

“We brought Poul home from Alta Bates for terminal hospice care.
We gave him Jubilaeum Akvavit, Carlsberg Beer and Boeuf Tartare.
We gave him all our love. About midnight, he slipped away.”

signed Karen, Astrid and the rest of the Andersons.
Please pass this around verbatim and in toto.

Everyone is encouraged to repost without alteration.

word of the day,-wiseacre but first, a totally unrelated panel.

The real reason why teenage boys like comic books.

http://myfreedomforce.com/index_ff1.html = the next game I buy. I’m a dork. so sue me.

Planet of the Apes actually contains the line, “Can’t we all just get along?” (at least the preivew does) So even if you like the other 89 and a half minutes of it, you’re going to remember the movie as retarded.

now, for the word of the day –

wiseacre (WIZ-ay-kuhr) noun

One who obnoxiously pretends to be wise; smart-aleck; wise-guy.

[From Middle Dutch wijsseggher, soothsayer, translation of Middle High German wissage, from Old High German wissago, wise person, altered by folk etymology.]