Word of the day – cohort

cohort KOH-hort, noun:
1. A group or band of people.
2. A companion; an associate.
3. A group of people sharing a common statistical factor (as age or membership in a class) in a demographic study.
4. (Roman Antiquity) A body of about 300 to 600 soldiers; the tenth part of a legion.
5. Any group or body of warriors.

Cohort derives from Latin cohors, “an enclosure, a yard,” hence, “a division of an army camp,” hence “a troop, a company,” hence, “a division of the Roman army.”

I think they should rename the friends list to ‘cohorts’ and ‘cohort of’ 🙂 Just grouped with, no personal associations.


That’s for them that needs a good Fwap!

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