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other snippets on how to connect access to the web.

note –

‘*********** Code Start *************
Sub TestHTTP()
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
Dim objHTTP As InetTransferLib.HTTP
Const conTARGET = “”

Set objHTTP = New InetTransferLib.HTTP
With objHTTP
.HttpURL = conTARGET
‘.DestinationFile = “j:temptest.htm”
.PromptWithCommonDialog = True
If .FileExists Then .OverwriteTarget = True
If Not .IsConnected Then .DialDefaultNumber
End With
On Error Resume Next
Set objHTTP = Nothing
Call SysCmd(acSysCmdRemoveMeter)
Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Number & vbCrLf & Err.Description, vbCritical + vbOKOnly, Err.Source
Resume ExitHere
End Sub
‘*********** Code End *************

as an example.

from –

How do I create a procedure to add data to my database?
This is much more difficult and requires creating an idc (Internet Database Connector) file.

Design an Access 97 database or use an existing database
Use the Save as HTML option under the File menu. This starts the Publish to the Web wizard.
Select a table, query, or form to use as the basis of your report.
Choose the Dynamic HTX/IDC option
Provide the Data Source Name. This is the name that the Web server uses to identify your database.
Save your database htm/idc/htx files to a directory on your hard disk. Modify the htm/idc/htx files that are created with a text editor such as WordPad or a Web authoring tool such as Claris HomePage.
Move your database file (.mdb) and the htm/idc/htx files to a Novell directory. You will need to create a special subdirectory and register it with the Web server administrator.
Demo of adding data to the Student Jobs database. The URL is

Happy Canada Day to all you beaver-lovin’ folks North of the USA!

You guys rate way up there on my list of fave LJ’s to read.

California, Maryland and Canada seems to have the bulk of sweeties. (although there are several scattered to the four corners of the globe, too)

Day one of My sweetie being away.

It hasn’t sunk in completely yet. (I’m going to feel it especially hard tomorrow morning, though… our wake up chats, and gabbing through work is what gets me through the day. I miss her being online, but I’m thinking about her being on the road… I’m writing her a letter tonight after I finish my break.

Hooked up my brother’s machine with the Internet, and a few games, although he hasn’t got a sound card, so the fun factor is a lot lower than it might be. I’m going to see if I can find him a nice little sound blaster from the stockpile at work. He needed a few little other bits of hardware, a mouse, long phone cable, etc… Next time I head over there, I’ll get him an AIM account, and such… (he’s a slow typist, but the voice chat’ll be nice).

I left about 3ish, and got home… and promptly took a nice nap. (I only slept 4 hours last night.) I was rudely awakened by my landlord at 5pm… (I can’t blame him for that, who’s asleep at 5, usually?) Where he gave me nonsense about the front of my apartment. (I forgot to set out my trash last night, and his gf griped to him that my full can will be in front for another 3 days, before the following pickup. Oh, the humanity..[sarcasm].. Hey, I wasn’t the one baker acted for wielding a firearm in a homicidal/suicidal fun, and had to be baker acted for 3 days at the local pokey. I’ll welcome blowing this Pepsi stand.)

Since I was awake, I went to do my long overdue laundry… and dined alfresco at the next door Italian restaurant. They have a wickedly good eggplant parm sub, and they deliver. Somebody new to add to the menu! 🙂 (They also have a buffet table set up, I might hit that next laundry day…lots of tasty pizza, pasta, salad and desserts. The key lime pie looked really good, but I abstained (This time…) Anyhoo, I watched the sun go down, and I imagined holding hands with my sweetheart…that brought me a great peace. I returned to the ‘mat, just in time to move the clothes to the dryer. I had my palmtop with me, so I read my copy of leaves of grass. Dang, Ol’ Walt knew his stuff.

Good Morning.

Hope all you kids are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning too!

Saw My darling off for her week-long sabbatical. Man… this is going to be rough. I have a full-ish schedule today, to take my mind off of separation anxiety. We didn’t say goodbye, just “until Sunday!”. 🙂

10- be at brothers, and show him how to use his new computer. (hook him up with net zero, and such, make sure all his poop hardware is in order.)

Not sure how long that’ll take… bringing him old software (it’s an old computer he’s got) Quake, Doom, rise of the Triad, Hellcab, drowned god, civ, age of empires, simcity classic, and a few other oldies but goodies.

I’m hoping that by the time I get back home, I’ll have heard back from the apartment regarding my acceptance, and moving in schedules. I have to transfer my phone over there, and get power set up… plus arrange for a uhaul truck to take all my stuff… not to mention pack all my gear. I really hope that everything comes together smoothly.

Other things to do in the works – Laundry!!!