on my mind today…

ever wonder what you were, before you were you?

here’s the thing… matter is never created nor destroyed, only transformed… (mostly, according to comtemporary physics…)

I would love to trace back to my inorganic origins, and find where they were, before comprising my body….

How much of my body was a chunk of a dinosaur, before feeding plants, animals, and so on, before being integrated into my system?

What protien was my father’s sperm, before it was sperm? a donut? a steak?

how many other human bodies are actually *part* of my body? these atoms have been around… the skin cells in my little finger possibly were part of a meteroite that hit earth years ago…

Where will my pieces go, or for that matter have gone? dust mites are chewing on us all, flaking little bits off all the time… I’m sure Newt has some of what was once my skin in his system, now, as I’d wager I have his.

ink from old tattoos, bits of glass, redwood tree, a scrap of an ancient chastity belt, a shard from a tiger’s tooth, … who knows where these pieces were…

If you follow the big bang theory, or any idea that all comes from the same place, be it by design, accident or somewhere in between it still means the same to me… we’re all made of the same stuff. I love that idea.

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