working hard…

I’m glad she came back… lots of work today, but it was made easier by just talking with her for a while.


I’m very happy, if harried here at work.

In other news, another story added on tales, will post the link as soon as I polish it some more.

I’m hungry, and want the smell of rosemary, lavender or african violet…

Looks like a pizza night… no Pix! maybe I should get chinese again?

Cider’s back! how wonderful!!! Always glad to see her out and about.

This weekend will be the first ‘solo’ movie in a while… maybe I can get back in with the staff at pompano muvico, shoot for freebies in exchange for bringing them coffee… it worked out well at the gateway. 🙂

If only there was a coffeehouse closer by. withing walking distance? Ray has it good. He’s local to malls, record stores, duncan donuts, los olas…. nice neighborhood, victoria park… 2 art theatres and a lovely borders all withing reasonable walking distance.

I have the stripmall of sin (more about that later), a dead mall, and a decent movie theater. 🙂

back to work, process is done.

one more thing… door locks were just broken, but a laptop was stolen from work! yikes!

see you kids later.

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