From my journal Nov 12, 2000

anyhow, got a fresh cartoon from a friend in new york. The poor guy’s trying to get me to like anime, but I’m not really much of a fan. some of the storybits are fun, and much of the art is interesting, but to paraphrase sturgeons law, I think that 98% of all the anime I’ve seen is pooties. (the 2% has been good though, which is why I’ll still eyeball some, if it is reccomended to me by someone I trust)

Here’s the latest on a big ol’ tape of his. (on a borrowed VCR from Tim! Thanks Tim!)

Basically there’s a high school student who gets a disease (it was hard to tell what with the fan subbed, billionth-generation tape – but it was probably bone cancer). He takes some special medicine that only gives him a fever for a week. Then, 5 years later, he witnesses a pillar of supernatural light and a ball of ghostly energy passes through him.

From that point on, he sees big spiders on some people’s chests and necks. After failing a wide variety of stress checks, he stumbles upon the fact that these spiders are the memories of regret, guilt and shame – and he starts taking them from people and eating them. Sin-eater indeed.

Anyway, he gets addicted and (to spoil the episode) starts going to greater and greater lengths to get these spiders. Then Boogie Pop Phantom herself (the God of Death, what a name for her, eh?) shows up and “collects” him. She says that she’s not the one who is killing him though, and points at his chest, where we see all the spiders he’s been eating latched onto him.

Very nice stuff.

The show has some strange direction as well. The first two episodes happen at the same time, but have different plots and characters – they just intersect in the middle. I have the feeling that this “same story, different angle” approach will continue. The show itself is also rather odd, drawn with fuzzy borders and colored almost entirely in cepia. That’s sure to piss some people off and for those who know stuff about anime, it’s apparently written by the Lain guy and directed by the man who made Slayers. An odd combination that ends up being nothing like Slayers at all, and strikingly similar to Lain.

Definitely something people should check out if they get the chance, if they like that sort of thing. 🙂

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