inevitable slippery, falling not thinking

the needle penetrates his skin easily, pumping him full of multiple cc’s of a foreign, ghastly substance. human blood, now coursing through his veins. highly hallucinogenic. within moments, he feels his comfortable green skin beginning to peel away from the amorphous membrane that holds his brain in its sac of comfort and delight. his suckers begin to pulse as though a human heart were now beating inside of him; perhaps it is psychosomatic, tales of how that strange hydraulic organ pumps this wild hallucinogen throughout their tiny pink nubs. eventually, his suckers can no longer hold him down, and he begins to float freely, only the saliva tethers keeping him safely connected to the surface of the glans-body below.


Why is it that so many people think that lies or half-truth is a good alternative to just being cool and being straight with folks? A friend of mine is pregant, and doesn’t want her ex husband to know about it, fearing he’ll feel bad. I don’t know, but I think that once he hears about baby showers, and everything, it’s going to be hard to hide she’s having a kid. I’m from the “just pull the band-aid off, and be done” school. What’s worse is that I feel obliged to help by not bringing it up at all… oh well. no biggie, really.


First off, thanks, mootpoint for adding me to your friends list! I’ve enjoyed your stuff for quite a while. 🙂

Second. April sounded sincere yesterday when she said she’d look for an apartment today. I was home until 2pm, and she didn’t even get as far as changing out of her jammies. Fair enough, it’s her day off, but I feel a bit upset that she’s not making the effort. Ah well, She’ll have considerably more $$ in 2 weeks, and if I have to, I’ll find her a place myself. I just don’t want to get into my standard catch-22. (Here’s some help, I don’t want help!, Well do it yourself! Don’t tell me what to do! Ack.) I can feel the confrontation coming, I’ll just gently push for a while, so it won’t be totally unexpected, but I still feel like I’m being used. Feh.

third. I swear, I’m so delighted at the amount of support I’ve gotten from a number of you folks over the last little while. You guys really brighten my day, and bring me much joy in an otherwise dreary day. ***Big Hugs to Allayas***

Mr. Rogers song. It makes me feel good every time I think of it.

I’m such a marshmallow. I heard this song earlier, and it’s got me all teary-eyed and happy at the same time, even if the music is cheezy, and sort of reminiscent of Snoopy. Thank you, Fred Rogers, thanks so much.

It’s You I Like
© 1971, Fred M. Rogers

Click to listen to the song.

It’s you I like,
It’s not the things you wear,
It’s not the way you do your hair–
But it’s you I like
The way you are right now,
The way down deep inside you–
Not the things that hide you,
Not your toys–
They’re just beside you.

But it’s you I like–
Every part of you,
Your skin, your eyes, your feelings
Whether old or new.
I hope that you’ll remember
Even when you’re feeling blue
That it’s you I like,
It’s you yourself,
It’s you, it’s you I like.