125 things about Scotto (apologies to Punquin :) )

001. full name is Gregory Prescott von Berg III
002. was born at 8:30 am on Sunday, February 2nd, 1969 (Aquarius)
003. used to be able to peel and eat bananas with his feet when he was little
004. sleeps with newton the cat (for 7 months), the remote control, phone and palm all right by bedside.
005. misses his brother in HI terribly.
006. loves art of any kind
007. sings in the shower, and when he forgets the words, talks like Dr klaw or makes up mumble / matchy words to fix it.
008. enjoys playing rpgs with good friends
009. enjoys doing anything with good friends, just about.
010. is very partial to Arizona honey iced tea and cherry coke.
011. loves Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Indian food
012. tries to read a good book at least once a week
013. was homeless for a month
014. has been a vegetarian since 1990, and was a vegan for a year
015. sleeps without pillows, but likes lots of blankets in poofy shapes to hug
016. is scared of extreme heights with little or no safety measures. (2 foot banisters are for tripping over, not protecting!)
017. collects ‘trophies’ from special places and people. Almost everyone he knows and loves has a representational trinket in his house
018. loves the mountains, but lives near beaches
019. loves to go barefoot, and rarely wears shoes.
020. loves his handspring, it’s like a brain upgrade.
021. is allergic to peanut butter, but eats it anyway
022. loves animals and treats his cat Newton like a son.
023. likes to have other people clean the apartment
024. wonders about his current girl.
025. was terrible in math, so got into computers.
026. knows all sorts of useless information, and shares it will those that will listen
027. is German, and can speak like a 5 year old, and read like a 12 year old in the language
028. has a long fuse, but god help you if you’re at ground zero. The anger passes quickly too
029. spends way too much time on his computer and online
030. looks scary but is really a very soft & sensitive person
031. has seen all of the muppet show episodes
032. works at imt services, inc. in pompano, Florida as a programmer/mis guy
033. attends ren-fairs, and is a medieval-techno-hippie hybrid
034. can’t smoke anything comfortably, but loves the food
035. is learning to juggle pins
036. loves to hug
037. loves children
038. has no ritual scarification, but does have a scar from surgery on his back
040. can sit still for hours on end
041. hasn’t driven a car in 4 years (hasn’t had a license in 6)
042. loves his friends, and is glad so many are available to him
043. snores like a freight train if allowed to sleep totally flat
044. only eats 2 meals a day tops, but drinks a flood of water
045. is good at spelling, but lousy at typing & proofing
046. rarely gets sick, maybe mild cold once a year, serious stuff every 5
047. uses ellipses a lot… because they’re cooler than commas.
048. loves candles and incense
049. has quite a checkered pharmaceutical past, but currently isn’t into that scene
050. sings to himself, and to Newton
051. is partial to warm earth tones like rust, orange and tans and cool colors (purples, and greens)
052. doesn’t watch much television (but listens to it in the background a lot)
053. really needs some new furniture, and a condo to put it in
054. is agnostic, but loves Christmas
055. loves the smell of sage and baking bread
056. has simulated wood paneling all over his current apartment
057. has worked as a clown & Santa’s helper
058. has a b.s. in systems analysis & design
059. is a master of tae qwon leap (ka-thump)
060. doesn’t fear the reaper
061. loves the Beatles’ music
062. likes to make up words
063. doesn’t understand why people wear leather clothes in Florida
064. likes to read things sdrawkcab
065. often forgives, rarely forgets
066. would eat a body if starving on a desert island (wouldn’t enjoy it though)
067. must be part girl, unafraid to ask for directions, happy to give up remote, cares for young
068. loves good surprises
069. rarely gets mad, gets annoyed about every 4 mos
070. got great grades in school…except for Spanish which killed my GPA, oddly I remember Spanish at about a 10th grade level
071. loves recliners and chairs where I can be next to others
072. wears the same necklace everyday, and will do so until it breaks, or another is hand-made
073. loves frogs, bears and simians, and is gifted with those themed things whenever gifts are given
074. believes in love at first sight (even if you don’t acknowledge it right away)
075. likes to sleep nude
076. finds girls more attractive than boys
077. isn’t superstitious, but has some odd habits
078. likes to carry kids on his shoulders
079. is positive he dreams in color
080. misses his old friends sometimes
081. is 6’6″ (1.9812 meters) and weighs 300 lbs (136 kilograms, .15 ton, or 136,077,712.34859 mg)
082. wants to remain childlike, and fears being childish
083. plays the tuba, sousaphone, baritone and most other3/4 valved brass
084. hates wearing ties
085. walks the 5 mile route regularly
086. loves bubble-baths
087. current favorite songs: house of the rising sun and army of me
088. is very much a night person, and has a job that lets him work 4m to midnight
089. thinks that he may be going deaf
090. likes science fiction and fantasy, unless it’s crap (and there’s a lot of it in those genres)
091. prefers to wear a beard whenever possible
092. has long hair, but it’s almost always up in a ponytail
093. loves the ocean and goes diving when it is possible
094. wonders how mankind has gotten so far while being such dopes
095. is very confident in himself, but allows that mistakes can be made
096. wants to be cremated when he dies (after his organs are donated to science, and any other needy recipients) and scattered in places that brought him joy
097. would love to be an astronaut, but fears depending on a corporation or worse, the government to supply him with air
098. has tiny fish Xmas lights around his window
099. loves the earth but thinks that she puts up with too much from her kids
100. loves listening to heart beats
101. misses the northeast, but hates to drive in snow
102. wears t-shirts and slacks constantly. Shorts only come out for swimming or when laundry is totally low.
103. has the nickname of scottobear, isn’t as hairy as robin williams or ed asner, but close
104. has blue eyes
105. hates having to be the ‘grown-up’ when having fun can be so nice
106. hates hot muggy weather
107. forgets what chicken tastes like
108. has had a web page since 1995
109. wonders how you can sell jello as food, even though it’s made from horse parts
110. loves his brother very much, and needs to tell him that more often
111. is a clutterbug, and needs to learn to pick up after himself
112. loves to walk in the woods
113. doesn’t mind bugs, prefers shooing them out instead of squishing them (but will let Newton kill for sport… its his nature)
114. wonders about getting a tattoo every 5 years, but never gets one
115. wants to see more of the world
116. misses his dad, even though when he was alive, rarely saw him
117. wants to get a job as ‘well-paid philanthropist’
118. waves at cemeteries, to cheer up the ghosts that might be stuck there (even though he suspects ghosts don’t exist)
119. knows some Morse code, and wants another shortwave
120. prefers short carpet or easily cleaned tile floors
121. doesn’t have a very good photographic record of his childhood
122. may never buy another CD again, if gnutella keeps this stuff up
123. wonders what the appeal of AOL is, and how they get his name to send all the coasters to him
124. is a little afraid to start driving again
125. has spent a lot of time on this list, but not as much as Punquin did on hers… thanks again for sparking my list!


apparently April did get her job at Barnie’s… even though the manager she was supposed to call wasn’t in, she’s already on the schedule for Tuesday at 2:30! Such a relief… one less weight on ther shoulders, and now we can focus on the next items on the Big list o’ things to be done.

Unsure of the Order.

Get A Bigger Apt, Preferably a Condo.
Get a Car.
Get Driver’s License.
Get Bank Account.
Get Better Job For Scotto.
Get Another Kitty?

And on Scotto’s personal list of hopes & dreams-

Get my friends more integrated.
See some flippin’ movies! There’s a bucket I need to catch up on!

Say, do subject lines not appear when they’re not posted, or are they ‘no subject’ default? I guess We see once this lands in machine. My pal Hunter commented on my pic, and how it reminded him of a criminal in the phantom zone from the superman movies… I wonder where the monchichi looking guy from the 2nd film ended up? Stupid piece of trivia for you guys… Superman (the movie) was written by the same guy who did the Godfather… Mario Puzo. So, high quality by default, eh? Other stupid fact… I went to see, and vividly remember watching the film in 1978, and that was the year that my current girlfriend was born…Aiee… April never got to see King Kong, Superman, Star Wars, or Alien in the theater… even worse, I just realized those are all science fiction films that shaped my tiny little pea brain at the tender age of 8-10ish.