rambling in general

rambling in general

Dec 14, 1999

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my current friends, where I am in my life, and theirs. It seems to me that most everyone I know that is married has dire and immediate need for council. Fearing for the future happiness of my buddies is currently one of my stronger stresses, now that my Taxi-driving pal’s world is pretty much in a state of decent repair. What can I do to help these guys? All I can offer is a friendly ear to the troubles they have… and for what it’s worth, it’s gotten bent once or twice, and I’ve been allowed to add my personal observations and viewpoints, hopefully to make the life they end up choosing to be as pleasant as possible. This also feeds into a fear of mine regarding where I’m going to be relationship-wise in the coming years. Finally back on track, seeing three circles of friends on a regular basis and even dating regularly. I really don’t want anything to happen to foul it up. I’ve made a number of mistakes in the past, and don’t plan on repeating it. I still compartmentalize my friends, perhaps on a sub-c level to protect them from each other, should one social bubble burst, I still have the other fall-back places. Hippies, Gamers, girlfriend, coworker-pals and best friend all have some sort of invisible wall between them. Newton is the only one that’s crossed all of the lines, and that’s ok… he’s unlikely to let a confidence slip, or misinterpret what is said in moments of unclarity.

Hm. Maybe I should list what’s on my mind, make this mess more legible? Why not?

1. Non-single pals having *REAL* trouble in what should be wedded bliss.

2. The turbulence at work. Will I get a new job, or adapt to this one? Can I get decent hours, now that I have a social life.

3. Money. Never seems to be enough to help those in need and I can’t afford all the Yuletide cheer I wish to distribute this year.

4. Pressures to get a vehicle. Nobody has said anything yet, but don’t want friends to be terribly put out by the fact that they have to pick me up if I’m to hang out with them.

5. Growth. I think it’s time to clean up my act, and start preparing a bit for the future. I could survive a minor trauma, but if anything major happened to me right now, I could easily be homeless, broke and totally out of luck. All for now, I’m getting tired. Talk to you soon, and regularly.

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